he Mortgage Minds’ core values are meant to reinforce our own passionate outlook to customers, and employees alike. We strive to continually evolve our thinking and embrace change, while staying honest about who we are, and remaining true to the core of the company. These days, not many organizations talk about having a true love of the workplace, but we certainly do. By reading below you will find a list of the core values that we place the most emphasis on as a business, and employer.

Our Core Values


ooperation is the act of working with others and acting together to accomplish a job. Effective team players work this way by second nature, and are willing to share information and knowledge.


eing Innovative involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks.


he most positive people are the happiest people. They do not focus on the potholes of their lives.  They focus on the adventure that awaits them every day, with new smells, sights, feelings and experiences.


eople who are driven have a clear passion for what they are doing.  If the focus of their passion comes up in a conversation, you can see and hear the passion practically bursting out of them.


aving respect starts with a basic consideration of other people’s feelings. Ask yourself how you’d want to be treated in a given situation, and make an effort to treat other people that way.


e can’t have trust without being trustworthy. A person can show their trustworthiness by fulfilling an assigned responsibility, and as an extension of that, not letting down expectations.


onesty is an expression of a well-balanced mind and spirit. This means being genuine and saying what’s on your mind. It takes more than just words to be an honest person – the truth starts with your surroundings.

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